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The online virtual circuit course is designed for candidates taking the November 2020 MRCOG Part 3 exam.

It is conducted over two days which will be agreed upon individually with each candidate who registers.


Each registered candidate will perform 14 cases with 2 minutes reading time and 10 minutes for performing the station. It will be under strict exam conditions with no interruption. To make it as close as possible to a live circuit course, it will be video-based.


The candidate will see the examiner/ role player and the examiner/role player will see the candidate while performing.


14 cases

3 hours

The circuit is carefully designed so that each candidate is assessed on their:

1. Clinical skills.


2. Application of the 5 core clinical domain skills related to each of the 14 modules.

  • Applied clinical knowledge.

  • Information gathering.

  • Communication with colleagues.

  • Communication with patients and relatives.

  • Patient safety.


3. All aspects of various attitudes & communication with the simulated patient.

  • Appropriateness of language used.

  • History taking skills.

  • Conveying empathy and sympathy.

  • Diffusing anger of the patient/ relative.

  • Counseling skills.

  • Negotiation skills.

  • Communication skills with teenagers.


4. Communication with the examiner in terms of using professional language and appropriately organizing their thoughts.


5. Knowledge of NHS referral pathways and hierarchy of care.


3 - 4 hours

1. Detailed live video-based feedback on each case.

2. Discussion with the candidate.

3. Advice on how to improve.

4. Sources/ material for further reading according to what each candidate specifically needs to improve based on the feedback.

After the end of the course, the candidate will receive a written feedback which summarizes what was discussed. 


Upon registration, the candidate will receive an email to:

Organize the dates and timings with Dr Wafaa for the 2 days, asked if they have any specific areas he/she would like us to focus on/consider in the circuit they will perform, and thereafter given instructions on how the circuit will be conducted and on which online platform.

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