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The online virtual circuit course is designed for candidates taking the 2021 MRCOG Part 3 exam.

It is conducted over two days which will be agreed upon individually with each candidate who registers.


Each registered candidate will perform 14 cases with 2 minutes reading time and 10 minutes for performing the station. It will be under strict exam conditions with no interruption. To make it as close as possible to a live circuit course, it will be video-based.


The candidate will see the examiner/ role player and the examiner/role player will see the candidate while performing.


14 cases

3 hours

The circuit is carefully designed so that each candidate is assessed on their:

1. Clinical skills.


2. Application of the 5 core clinical domain skills related to each of the 14 modules.

  • Applied clinical knowledge.

  • Information gathering.

  • Communication with colleagues.

  • Communication with patients and relatives.

  • Patient safety.


3. All aspects of various attitudes & communication with the simulated patient.

  • Appropriateness of language used.

  • History taking skills.

  • Conveying empathy and sympathy.

  • Diffusing anger of the patient/ relative.

  • Counseling skills.

  • Negotiation skills.

  • Communication skills with teenagers.


4. Communication with the examiner in terms of using professional language and appropriately organizing their thoughts.


5. Knowledge of NHS referral pathways and hierarchy of care.


3 - 4 hours

1. Detailed live video-based feedback on each case.

2. Discussion with the candidate.

3. Advice on how to improve.

4. Sources/ material for further reading according to what each candidate specifically needs to improve based on the feedback.

Upon registration, the candidate will receive an email to:

Organize the dates and timings with Dr Wafaa for the 2 days, asked if they have any specific areas he/she would like us to focus on/consider in the circuit they will perform, and thereafter given instructions on how the circuit will be conducted and on which online platform.

Until now, our VCC has been conducted for 7 UK trainees who sat the January & March 2021 exam

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Special rates for returning students!

If you have previously attended the VCC, you are eligible for a $20 discount

If you are one of our preparatory course students, you are eligible for a $30 discount


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