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Active vs Listener Seats

Active candidates, will as usual present one case each week and will receive feedback on their performance. They will also be able to listen to other students whilst they are presenting. The total number of cases presented by each active student during the course is 7 cases.


Listener students on the other hand, will not present any cases during the course. They are allowed to listen to other students performing their cases. 


Both active & listener students may ask questions during the class, on the telegram group and they may also participate in the telegram activities by sending recordings for feedback if they wish to do so. 

What is the Special Listener Seat?

Candidates will be offered a normal listening seat during the course period + after the course ends in January, they will be able to present 7 cases on a one-on-one virtual video circuit session plus feedback on all 7 presentations all in one day. The date of the circuit will be determined individually with each candidate.


Therefore, candidates will end up presenting the same number of cases as the Active students will present during the period of the course. 


Limited seats are available for the Special Listener Seat. 

How much will it cost?

The same price of an Active Seat!

Listener Seat $860 + Virtual Circuit (7 cases) $110  Total: $970

Registration is now open exclusively for the May 2023 exam

Second installment ($370) is due on 29 December 2022


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