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Features and Conditions

Course features:

  • Each student will receive individual log-in details to our online portal "My hub" operated by "Cocisco" and will also be added to the course telegram group which is guided by Dr Wafaa.

  • The first 2 sessions will be introductory along with some topics explained.

  • Role play, case distribution and case practice will start from session 3 onwards. Each active candidate will present 1 case per week either on a Saturday or a Sunday. Prior to each class, you will be informed on which day you will present. If you have a preference for a day you can directly inform Dr Wafaa prior to a class.

  • All session recordings will be available a few hours after the session ends. So if you miss part of a session you can watch it in your free time.

  • Access to session recordings and materials will be available  "My Hub" until you take the exam.

  • Active participants present cases in live sessions, participate in the telegram group activities and can send recordings to Dr Wafaa for feedback.

  • Listener participants have access to all course features except presenting a case in the live sessions. They can ask questions in the sessions, participate in the telegram group activities and send recordings to Dr Wafaa for feedback.


Terms & conditions:

  • The tutor can change the dates of the classes if the need arises. You will be given an earlier notice if it occurs.

  • Your seat will be guaranteed ONLY after payment is submitted. Once all seats are taken, registration will be closed and you will be informed. We usually get booked fast.

  • Payment is through online credit card payment or direct bank transfer to our account in the USA.

  • We do check our log-ins, if you do share your log in details you will be removed automatically from the course and no refund will be given.

  • If you would wish to join the course and made payment and reserved the seat, please recognize that the seat is now occupied and no other student can take it. Thus, if you choose to cancel at a later date no refund will be available as this is a seat that could have gone to a different student. But, if you could find a student to replace you, they will pay you directly and we can replace the seat and log in details. 

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