Dr. Faruk Basegmez

Nov 2019

It was definitely a big disappointment for me when I heard that I couldn't manage to pass the part 3 ,although I had a solid knowledge from the part 2 exam I couldn't achieve to reach the passing score and that  is most likely related to the absence of me having my practice in the UK ,for that reason this makes quite difficult for an overseas candidate to make a good score.Nevertheless I never quit I had started searching  a course which could hopefully flower my biggest dream ; which had been being a RCOG member and finally  ended up with only one big name "Dr Wafa".I tried almost 3 times to attend the course programme yet unfortunately I couldn't find a seat which later on I purely understand why the reason was ,because she is spectacular as the rumors.Finally I arranged my seat where I was in a trip at Spain ,I left everything behind and arranged my course application, nothing could be more important for me at that day I remember now.I was totally correct ;The course was systematically arranged in the programme, Dr wafa 's model answers and feedback  was more than amazing and very helpful and plus the videos of the course that I can be able to listen almost in everywhere that had upgraded my  practise to compactly talk  with the role players at 10 minute intervals at the stations in the exam  ,this resulted in ticking all the necessary points by  the examiners And Dr Wafa 's brilliant english had also build my  communication at a higher level so honestly speaking I wouldn't reach my result if I hadn't been studied with Dr Wafa, I appreciate her and recommend her course to everyone who wish to succeed to pass MRCOG part 3 and I would keep her in the most special place of my heart forever.

I came to know about Dr Wafaa through my friend  (though she dint attend your course).I am very thankful to her..she was absolutely right. The course gave me the insight about how to approach the exam rather than teaching 1+1=2.It was my first attempt and this is the only course I ever joined..Thanks a lot..

Dr. Vinodha

Nov 2019

Dr. Deepthy

Nov 2019

I started this journey without any knowledge about how to study. It was one of my friends who recommended this course to me. Actually Dr Wafa literally taught us how to go about the exam. This is the only course that I have taken and I would really like to thank Dr Wafa along with Dr Mohammed and all the doctors around the world who have been helpful and instrumental in this journey. It would not have been possible without you. As I had practiced mainly from the modules given by you I felt that questions were much lengthier in the exams and took more time to read and understand. Thank you once again. I would like to recommend this course to all those preparing for part 3 MRCOG.

I took my exams in November  2019 and that was my first attempt in part 3 after finishing freshly part 2 the previous couple of months . Her course was exceptionally good in means of guiding and teaching the basics . The materials available were sufficient enough fr the exam without being overwhelming. Part 3 was completely based on being empathetic to the patient, which was insisted by her in every step . This course was definitely worth the time and money spent on !

Dr. T. P. Sinduja

Nov 2019

Dr Wafaa Belail i passed my first attempt part3 MRCOG with 90% ! Thank you so very much for your help and extraordinary effort. I am proud to say i was mentored by only you as i benefited from your course and feedback very much. In exam when i was performing in my head was your voice when u were teaching us. You are born mentor with lots of patience. May God bless your beautiful soul always and always. πŸŒΉπŸŒΉ

Dr. Laxmy Rohan
90% - Feb 2019

Dr. Anjali Harsha
Feb 2019

I like to thank Dr wafaa for my success in mrcog part 3. your are a very good mentor and you are so structured and systematic. I really got the idea of how to utilize that 10 min in exam in each station systematically and your templates are superb and communication skill is excellent no words to describe it. I have already told many of my friends how your course helped me. Thanks Dr wafaa and also your continuous support until exams. you took no time in clarifying our doubts and supported through out by immediately clarifying our doubts and guiding us. Thanks once again and I wish more and more candidates get your guidance and make their journey smooth. Let God shower you with blessings so you can help more and more candidates .

Dr. Shilpa Reddy
75% - Feb 2019

Passed part 3 mrcog in the first attempt with a percentage of 75..Can't thank u enough wafaa for all that constant guidance and support throughout..I really admire your communication skills .Infact your lovely magical words kept constantly ringing in my ears throughout the exam.Thats how much of an impact it had on me.I am proud to say that I was lucky to attend your course .The tips and tricks that u gave really helped me boost up my performance and crack the exam in the first attempt .. Words are just not enough to express my love and gratitude towards you wafaa β£οΈπŸ˜˜

Dr wafas course was very helpful and I'm glad I did the course. It was wafa who taught me how to manage a scenario with communication when we know nothing about. The best part is the material provided so that revision becomes very easy. By the end of the course I felt very confident and her sentences and words were echoing in my mind. And in the exam I finally communicated very well which in the first place I wasn't good at. Thank you wafa and cocisco

Dr. Supraja Movva
Feb 2019

I have attended three other courses also but I feel that this is the best thing that could have happened.

Dr. Gayatri Chhabra
Feb 2019

Dr. Ruchi Chokshi

92% - Nov 2018

The hard work and preparation that Dr. Wafaa has put into the course is very evident. 
The selected topics cover recent recalls and important concepts. Her approach is methodical and she presents it in a way to cover the subtle, easily missed aspects of the discussion and presentation. She enacts her approach as well, which helps the candidates improvise and does one to one stations to give individual feedback . 
She is very patient, engaging and encouraging and helps instillconfidence. 

She has been a huge help in my preparation and I would recommend her course to every candidate. 

Many thanks Wafaa and wish you and the course great success! πŸ˜˜

I highly recommend this course conducted by Dr Wafaa Belail . Wafaa has conducted it so well and she was very very professional in her approach . The time difference between each sessions was adequate , the course content was excellent and gave us a lot of confidence . The way wafaa organised her thoughts and delivers her counselling speech sounds like poetry and I personally would love to emulate that in the exam and in my future practise . One of the best teachers I have come across. Thank you so much wafaa.

Dr. Anand Nanavati

Nov 2018

Dr. Arwa Daboura

Today was the last session with Dr Wafaa Belail..

I have attended courses for part3.. but I highly recommend this course which its very intense and focused. 

Dr Wafaa concentrate on giving you a templates to follow which makes your life easy to apply the knowledge, practice and pass the exam. 

She teach you what information you need to know on each domain of good medical practice in which the exam is based on.. 

I am so happy that I got the chance to participate in her group she is very cooperative, knowledgeable, patient and beautiful πŸ˜

All the Best 
And thank you very much..

Dr wafaa is very passionate and hard working. Her way of teaching was excellent. She covered all topics in systematic way. She never gets tired even after 7-8 hours. Hats off to you Wafaa. I would definitely recommend course .

Dr. Uma Vasanth

Really many thanks Dr . Wafaa for your efforts and patience, you help me a lot to find my way after long time struggling from where to start and when to start , now I put my feet in the way, that I feel if I practiced as you teach us I will reach the goal, again again thanks for your endless support.


Dr. Anonymous

I strongly recommend for this course as our instructor give us write way to read and practice the cases there is no need to search reading material here and there and no need to follow so many courses which would confuse the candidates . Dr Wafaa taught us nicely and i follow way of Dr Wafaa to read and practice the OSCE

Dr. Anonymous

It was an eye opener for me . Although I had a very bad experience in my part 2 of an online course of a renowned person like many other people by same course but now my experience is unforgettable n marvellous having such a lovely 😊 n beautiful teacher of mine. U r a great mentor n your course has much more worth than it has and all above of these is your sincerity towards your students.

Dr. Anonymous

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