MRCOG Part 2 online course is designed to cover the lengthy syllabus as well as develop analytical and critical thinking, with lots of self-assessment and practice questions.

Our E-Course is comprised of online audio-visual tutorials with 15-modules in total. The beauty of the course is depicted from the fact that these tutorials are accessible to students anytime, anywhere with the comfort of their home and therefore, are not bound to any particular time and place.

  • A comprehensive sixteen-session course covering all modules of the MRCOG Part 2 exam

  • Mock exam at the beginning of the course then every 2 weeks

  • Past papers including the last one (February 2020) will be discussed

  • Materials are provided (summary for all curriculum tog articles, Green-top and nice guidelines)

Dr. Rasha Homida


Dr. Fath Elrahman

Assistant Professor and Consultant

Leader of MRCOG Telegram groups since 2015

Dr. Ibtihal Meargani


week 1

Mock Exam (1)

Antenatal Care (1)

Dr. Rasha


Antenatal Care (2)

Dr. Ibtihal

week 4

Mock Exam (2)

Gynaecological Problems (1)

Dr. Rasha


Gynaecological Problems (2)

Dr. Fath

week 7


Dr. Rasha

Sexual & Reproductive Health

Dr. Ibtihal

week 2

Intrapartum Care (1)

Dr. Fath

Intrapartum Care (2)

Dr. Fath

week 5

Gynaecological Oncology (1)

Dr. Rasha

Early Pregnancy Care

Dr. Ibtihal


Dr. Fath

week 3

Maternal Medicine (1)

Dr. Ibtihal

Maternal Medicine (2)

Dr. Fath

week 6

Mock Exam (3)

Gynaecological Oncology (2)

Dr. Rasha

Urogynaecological Problems

Dr. Ibtihal

week 8

Mock Exam (4)

Past Paper 2020

Dr. Fath

Core Surgical Skills

Dr. Ibtihal

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Recommended for July 2020 candidates

10 April - 10 June


275 USD

1,000 SAR

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